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meet  the"team"

Hi there! I'm Kayla.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts (focusing on Graphic Design) from NC State University and have been working in the design field since 2010.  In the past I have been the lead graphic designer for both a women's clothing and a wholesale gift company, where a lot of my focus was on creating a strong brand identity and implementing it throughout all of their media outlets (web, social, digital, print).  My passion is design, but my focus and where I feel I really thrive is around creating a solid "visual personality" for brands and companies.  My goal with this business is to build strong, lasting relationships with core, thriving businesses that want to establish and/or strengthen their brand identity.  

In short, I make things pretty!

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Duane, Chief Executive Supporter


This is my husband, my biggest fan and supporter. We have been happily married since November 2017. I would venture to say Kayla B Designs would not be possible, or even exist, without him.  He has encouraged me to pursue this dream since I barely mentioned it.  His motivation pushes me to try my hardest and do my best.  I am forever grateful for his support in this business venture, I could not do it without him!

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Bentley, Human Resources and Chief Beggar

Bentley keeps a tight ship around here.  His responsibilities include (but not limited to) making sure my lap stays warm while I work and regulating lunch breaks (he clearly doesn't miss a meal).  Don't ask for Bentley when you call - he'll probably be napping, plus he's not much of a phone talker.

Bentley is passionate about helping his friends at the local shelters find great homes (probably so I don't bring them all home myself!).  Please consider adopting!

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